Monday, November 16, 2009

Rule #3: What goes in and what doesn't

I am guilty of only focussing on what I want. I will see a picture and take it. Only when I look at it, I realize that there's something completely distracting in the photo. ARGH! Now I have learned to look at what I want in, and then scan for what I don't want. Sometimes this means moving around. Other times it may mean removing items. Sometimes you have no choice and just hope that you can remove them later in processing.
In this shot I was trying to get the leaves and the dang dog just would not get out of the way. I love his expression which is clearly saying "whaddya mean I'm in the way? I add visual interest". I kept it for it's humour :)

Here are some shots where I managed to keep the correct focus (or sort it out with post processing):

Monday, November 9, 2009

Rule #2: Printing: you get what you pay for....sort of.

Sooner or later, if you take pictures, you are going to think that one of them would look nice on your wall. Or, you may have recently joined a photo club and decided to enter one (or more) in a contest. For the past two weeks, I have examined, adjusted and fussed over a wide variety of pictures to pick my entries. finally I made my decision and loaded my choices onto a memory stick and headed off to Wal-Mart. Today I went to pick them up. Once in the car I opened up the envelope and was completely unimpressed with my photos. The portraits had a grey cast, the faces were blown out and it looked over sharpened. this is my attempt to recreate the print:

So I decided to go the local photo/art store. I showed him the prints and asked if it was my photo or the process. I was so impressed with his professionalism. He took my memory stick and opened them on his computer. He determmined that they were salvageable and we worked on the print. the first attempt looked great to me but he was not happy. So he did them again. Ths time he was pleased. While we waited we talked about cameras, lenses, dogs, etc.,.. He showed me a Pentax SLR that seemed to be perfect for me. Of course I knew that if I came home with a camera after going out for prints I would be in serious trouble. However, there will be a SLR in my future soon. :)(Just don't tell my husband yet, I'll keep it a surprise ;)).

By the way, in the end, after working with me for 30 minutes the owner of the store said 'consider it a gift from me to you'. I argued a bit but he was adamant. So I know where I'll be going for my prints from now on. And I have learned a valuable lesson about quality and service.

On a happier note, here is a capture I managed to get.. I love the golden glow of the late afternoon light.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rule #1: Always carry a camera

I now almost always carry a camera. Often I don't take pictures and started to think that it was silly and perhaps made me look pretentious to do so. However, whenever I don't carry it I am guaranteed to see a picture. Saturday I was meeting a friend to go for a walk and I was going to leave the camera at home. At the last minute I thought 'what the heck' so I grabbed it. I was so happy because I ran into Ronnie and Jordan out for a pleasure ride. While my friend engaged them in conversation I managed to get about 10 shots! I have to say that I'm very happy with them.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lately, I've been obsessed with leaves. I've been finding myself taking pictures of leaves almost everytime I go out. Here are some of my favorites:

I make no claims as to my expertise in photography. I have found it to be a past time that I enjoy. I am constantly endeavouring to improve and valuable constructive criticism on all my photos. However, in the end, photos (like most art forms) are inherently personal. Some times I have pictures that I truly like that don't appeal to others and vice versa.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the Journey begins

After seeing a presentation on Blogging, I decided to try one on for size. It will document my progress as I learn photography skills.