Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Trees in Winter

You know when you see something and the photograph that you want to create pops into your head?

And then you spend days/months/possibly years actually trying to translate that image in your head into reality? 
And more often then not end up hitting the delete button once you uploaded the photo to your editing software? 

I can honestly say I have deleted more photos than I can count trying to capture the images below. Not that I think that they are anywhere near perfect but they are the closest I've come. 
this one is me trying to capture the beautiful late afternoon light of winter and how it makes all around it glow

and this one is an attempt to show the depth that is revealed once you strip all of the leaves and greenery away

of course I may end up deleting these next year......

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Winter can be cold, dreary and tough to endure. But it has it's own beauty as well. If you live in Canada it's good to appreciate the loveliness of it as well.