Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SNOW! finally

let me point out the D'Arcy the Border Collie, loves snow. he rolls in it. He snuffles it, he runs gleefully in it. He even sits by the window watching it fall and whining because we're not letting him out in it. And the snow blower- that's heaven. This big machine that flings snow everywhere! For him that's total bliss. So here are some shots of my dogs enjoying the snow :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Silver Lining

I was in Sydney this week for work. While there I decided to head to Louisburg to take some shots of the lighthouse. However, my car (well not MY car, technically my husband's car) broke down. So I never got to Louisburg. However, heading home along hwy 4 the weather was bizarre- rapidly changing from sun to cloud to rain and back again. As a result the light was unbelievable. I spied this rainbow glowing like a neon sign over the Bras d'Or Lakes. In Irish Cove I found a spot to pull over and take shots. So taking my camera was not a total bust.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


November can be gloomy, dreary and downright depressing. However, when the light is right it's golden. I got up early one morning and took the dogs for a walk. The light was incredible and the frost was sparkling.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Never Forget

November 11 is Remembrance Day in Canada. In Nova Scotia it is a holiday as well. There are ceremonies at various Cenotaphs. The one in Bridgewater is well attended. Despite being alone that week I decided that I should go. Let me confess that I have not be a faithful attendee at these events. But now that my boy is in the Royal Military College it seems closer to me. Both of my grandfathers served in the military. My paternal Grandfather was in the British Calvery in India where he meant my grandmother (but that's a whole another story). My father and Uncle lived in London during WWII and their house was bombed (yet another story). Both of my uncles were in the military. So there's a strong family military history. I was also (briefly) in the reserves. I liked the work, hated the sexism (I especially enjoyed the shooting- but again that's another story).

Once I decided to go, I started thinking of taking my camera. But I worried that it would be misconstrued. I waffled. However, someone I know on a photography BB said 'If you don't photograph that moment of silence who is going to know that this moment
occured?' So I decided to bring my camera. I am glad I did. I found that looking at the event through my lens allowed me to really focus on the moment and what it means. It was a nice ceremony and well done. The above are some of the shots I took.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Shooting with Friends

so I managed to get out on Oct 31 with others from our photography club. The weather was rainy (what a surprise!) but we persevered. We started at the Lunenburg Academy, then coffee, then Stonehurst. After running around Stonehurst we made our way back to Lunenburg for a delicious lunch at the Knot (local pub). After lunch, Sara and I went back towards Blue Rocks to get a closer shot of an abandoned boat. I am still working my way through the photos but here are some of my favs from the day.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Not ready to let go

I know that fall is coming and winter is close behind. Today I felt the bite of the wind and realized the inevitable. However, last week I met a fellow photography friend at the Public Gardens and we found some flowers still blooming. I suspect that they may not be as pretty now.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Putting my work out there- yikes

so here's the story: at work we were planning a organization wide inservice. We usually do this about every 2 years. It's like planning a wedding and after we all collapse for a few days. I found myself on the group that was put in charge of 'sparkle'. As we were meeting we floated the idea of having a small reception on the first day for everyone. As the discussion continued we decided to have a harvest theme and have donation boxes for Feed Nova Scotia (food or cash). The next big decions involved having a cash bar and some munchies. Someone then brought up the idea of door prizes. Since we are government health agency there is very limited funding for such things. My friend Susan says 'I know, how about you donate some of your photos?' I looked at her in disbelief. 'No one is going to want my pictures' I say. 'Well I do' she says. After a few minutes I say, 'ok, but you pick the pictures and I will take care of the printing and framing'. Susan goes to my FB and picks her favourites. I then send them around to the others on the committee for voting. Three are chosen and I print and frame them. It was such a strange feeling to do this. It was like putting my children on display.

When I walked into the reception room, I saw them there and then headed to the bar. :) The method was to give everyone 5 tickets and they put them in bags for the prizes they want to win. Turns out my photos were a hit. People were disappointed to not win. Seriously. My photos. It's still feeling strange but more cool and less 'oh god what if people think they are lame?' One person came up and complimented me. And then said "I have to get a nice camera to take nice pictures with." I remembered my friend Grant's joke and said 'you can take nice pictures with any camera. It's like buying expensive pots and expecting that to improve cooking'. okay, so I was a little miffed, but it is annoying.

Anyway, enough chatting. These are the 3 pictures chosen. Turns out 'shells' was the most popular.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The other Passion

This has been a good summer for riding. Last year was a bit a washout due to many injuries. However, this year we've been able to work steadily and have enjoyed success as showing. I've been bringing my camera to take some photos. It's been a real learning curve because you cannot control the background, light or where you have to stand. I've learned a lot and have some more learning to go

Sunday, September 5, 2010


The children have officially moved out as of this weekend and my husband and I are entering the next phase of our life together. So what do we do? We buy an 18 acre property to build a barn, paddocks etc! I love that I am surrounded by nature and neighbours are a distant view. I am looking forward to exploring our new surroundings and busily making plans

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where has the summer gone?

it's been a hectic summer all around. Alec went to military college, we are trying to sell our house and in the meantime have purchased our dream property. Not to mention riding and showing Irish. I think I need to retire just to do all the stuff I want to do, except that I can't afford too. Oh well. Work is good too. Ed and I managed to go out sailing with another couple one glorious sunday afternoon. Our philosophy is that we don't need a boat (we wouldn't know what to do with one anyway) we just need to know people with boats :).

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spring has sprung!

And is showing all of it's colours! I have been finding myself on my knees one minute and then looking at the sky another! So far the bugs have not been bad so it's been wonderful to walk around. The dogs, of course, agree. :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rocky Mountain High

I had a chance to go to Calgary to visit family in early May. I then managed to take a day and a half and head into the mountains with a photography friend. We drove to Banff taking photos the entire way. It was a great time. I am still processing some of the photos but having a ball rediscovering the beauty of the mountains.