Thursday, November 18, 2010

Never Forget

November 11 is Remembrance Day in Canada. In Nova Scotia it is a holiday as well. There are ceremonies at various Cenotaphs. The one in Bridgewater is well attended. Despite being alone that week I decided that I should go. Let me confess that I have not be a faithful attendee at these events. But now that my boy is in the Royal Military College it seems closer to me. Both of my grandfathers served in the military. My paternal Grandfather was in the British Calvery in India where he meant my grandmother (but that's a whole another story). My father and Uncle lived in London during WWII and their house was bombed (yet another story). Both of my uncles were in the military. So there's a strong family military history. I was also (briefly) in the reserves. I liked the work, hated the sexism (I especially enjoyed the shooting- but again that's another story).

Once I decided to go, I started thinking of taking my camera. But I worried that it would be misconstrued. I waffled. However, someone I know on a photography BB said 'If you don't photograph that moment of silence who is going to know that this moment
occured?' So I decided to bring my camera. I am glad I did. I found that looking at the event through my lens allowed me to really focus on the moment and what it means. It was a nice ceremony and well done. The above are some of the shots I took.

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  1. Lovely photographs. We attend the ceremony every year. (I must confess that without John's influence I might not have got into the annual excursion). You captured the sentiment of the ceremony very nicely.