Friday, January 14, 2011


Of course it's no secret that I enjoy photography.Why? Who knows. And does it matter? I try to not delve too deep into those sorts of questions because I am not sure that the answer I come up with is 'real'. However, one thing that fascinates me is that a photo captures a moment in time and a good photo conveys a story, emotion, mood as well. I find myself drawn to certain subjects and one of those are old graveyards and houses. To me they tell a story. I won't ever know the full story and that's okay, I don't need to. Sometimes it's enough to know that there is a story. Like this abandoned house:

It's just outside of where I live, it has a water view. As you can it was once beautiful. Why is left to rot in the elements? who lived there before? Are there still ghosts? I think so.

In Riverport there's an old graveyard. It's easy to miss (I have dozens of times) but on Sunday I saw a sign that said "Pioneer Graveyard". I pulled over and my friend and I wandered down a trail and found this:

Riverport is a small fishing community about 15 minutes from Lunenburg. It's been there since 1754. I would love to know the stories of these people. Some day maybe. For now I can look at their markers and appreciate that they lived

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