Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Home Sweet Home

The last two weeks were taken up with the ending of one chapter and the beginning of another. Approximately 15 years ago I graduated with my degree and was successful in landing the only permanent job in the province in my profession (speech language pathology). At the time my kids were 6 and 4. When we were moving I wanted to buy a house in the country but my husband was not comfortable with it. We discussed all the options but in the end I conceded that we would live in a subdivision until they were older and then we would move. By then we would know the area better and make better choices. So we found a plot, built a big house and raised our children. It would be extreme to say I hated living in a subdivision but I really never felt comfortable there. So when my youngest graduated we put our house on the market and began looking for our dream property.
We found it in a small farm house with 19 acres of land about 10 minutes from town, about half pasture and half woods.
Inside it had been partially renovated- the upstairs had been redone and the wiring was upgraded. The main floor was another story so it went from
we put in new insulation, put in firestops, drywall, replaced a few rotting beams in the basement, new trim etc (by 'we' I mean mostly my husband and a friend-  I had the very important job of chronicling the progress ).
the result is beautiful if I do say so myself.

I'll post more once the decorating is done.
and most importantly check this out-
can you it? if you squint and tilt your head to the left you should be able to see a small barn- big enough for a stall for Irish, a stall for another horse and one for guests. Plus a tack room and a loft.
I can see it. Can you?

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  1. Can *I* see it? I am the person who sees the perfect spot for a 12x12 stall in the corner of our 2 car garage for Yoster... I am the WRONG person to ask. I love the kitchen redo and I LOVE the floors, and I LOVE the photo of the boat!!!!