Sunday, October 2, 2011

the upside of Antigonish

I seem to be spending lots of time on the road. This week I had to go to Sydney and, since I was going that way, decided to stop in Antigonish and visit with staff there. I arrived there late afternoon and went out walking. Before I left I inquired at the hotel for a map and was told that I could not get lost- just head for the white church down town. so I went walking and did not get lost. :) What a charming town. I also wandered into St. FX- the University there. What a beautiful spot. I still have lots of images to process but here are some so far:

I loved the play of light
Inside St. Ninians Cathedral on Campus
 I don't know why I was atrtacted to this house, but I was
okay, so I added Orton to illustrate the effect of this house but I  actually softened the colours a bit- really
The Virgin Mary- I used Topaz B&W on this one

While I don't like the time spent driving or being away from home all that much I am glad that I bring my camera. it gives me something to do. :)