Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Neglectful Blogger

I've been neglectful of my blog lately but I have a good excuse. Really. Work has been beyond busy, but that's all I'll say about that. I haven't been able to get into the woods as much because it's hunting season and I just won't risk me or the dogs. But really, it's been this project that's been taking up my free time:
you see, the fun thing about photography is that it's not just 'art' but it can also tell a story.
Like the building of a dream. And my dream has been to have my very own barn so that I can keep my horse at home. In managing my riding obsession (well okay, not managing, so much as indulging it as much as finances and time allow) I have boarded my whole horse owning career. I have boarded at good places and not so good places. Twice I have left with no notice for the safety of my horse. I don't mind boarding, I just hate not having options when the drama gets too much.
So when it came time to buy my husband and I looked at every property for sale within a 40 km radius. We saw great houses and lousy barns. Great barns and lousy houses (seriously, the kind that needed a match taken to it). Finally we found this wee gem with no barn but GREAT fields. And the price was amazing. So we bought it. Last year was the reno of the house and this year is the barn building.
After many false starts we found the perfect contractor. He's been reliable, on time, within budget and there's not one nail to be found laying around. Trust me, I've been checking. Now for details of the barn (non-horsey people, feel free to skip this part): it's 36 x 36. On this side are 3 box stalls, each with a dutch door that will open to the outside sacrifice paddock. This paddock will open into the larger grass fields. Yes, my horse will have honest-to-god-grass.
opposite to the stalls is a 12x12 heated tack/feed room. It will have running water. The rest of the barn is open for hay storage. And I found a major score:
The most perfect weather vane- see my husband is a volunteer fire fighter. I showed it to him and he asked why we needed a weather vane anyway. Sigh. He is a practical man after all. So I looked him in the eye and said 'we have to have a weather vane, it's the law'. But after 24 years he's on to me so he looked me back and said 'really?'. 'Well it's my law' I say. 'okay' he says (see after 24 years he's smart too).
Check out these wood floors- solid hickory! We thought about concrete but decided to go this route instead. The smell inside is amazing.

if all goes according to plan, it will be done in about 2 weeks.

It's been wonderful watching this be built. Soon I'll be having my horse home, riding in my 20 x 60 metre ring and hitting the trails. Behind my house in the woods are miles and miles of trails.

oh and back to the stalls: there will be 3. One for Irish, one for my second horse. I don't want Irish to be lonely so have started looking at yearlings........ And a guest stall. So come on over. :)


  1. We'll be right over! Your stall looks like it is going to be great -- and the kind that I would love. Hickory flooring? Ohhhh, I am green with envy!
    In answer to your question, Flash is an American Paint Horse and they are bred for western disciplines and cattle work. So, yes, his natural way of going is a slow western lope and not an energetic dressage canter.

  2. thanks Annette. You are welcome any time.

  3. That's Awesome Teresa, I hope the last two weeks of construction and finishing go smoothly, then you can really get to enjoy it.