Thursday, January 26, 2012

An honour

The photo club I belong to is celebrating out 30 year anniversary by having an exhibit at our local museum-it's called 'The Desbrisay' (pronounced 'dezbrezay'). The title of our exhibit is '30 years of chasing the light'. Because that's what photographers do. :)

This we week we had a competition to pick the photo that will be used on all the marketing for the exhibit (posters, pamphlets, newspaper etc). Of course I entered. I like competitions- whether equestrian or photography. Or Wii Sports. Or curling. Or...well you get the picture. The photo I chose to enter I picked for various reasons-

  • it represented the area I live in which fishing still plays a huge role
  • it also represents the history of fishing
  • it had simple elements that I believed would translate well into a small size and I knew that it would work in black and white as well. 
  • and not the least, is because I like it. a lot. 
So there were a number of entries and everyone in the photo club was given a ballot to vote. I voted too- but not for mine- for another stunning photo that was entered as well. In fact, all of the photos were stunners. it was hard to choose. After the voting was done there were 3 very close in votes (or tied, not sure) so it was announced that there would be a run off. I went to check and mine was still there. This time I abstained from voting. The winner was announced and it was mine. I know that it was close and I would have been thrilled to just be in the top 3. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to be chosen by my peers. It felt good. 
So, without further ado I give you "Retired" (both in colour and b&w):


  1. Congratulations! That's a stunning photo -- I can see why it was chosen.

  2. Congratulations Teresa, another cracking image.