Sunday, February 26, 2012

Road Trip!

Buckle up, I'm taking you on a trip. Last week the family and I headed to Arizona for a family vacation. It was incredible. Really- you should go. The first day (well, technically the day after we landed) we went on an adventure. First, let me back up a bit. Vacations are my job. I don't know how I got the job. I'm pretty sure that I didn't apply but I must not have backed up fast enough when Fate said "so who wants the title of 'Family Vacation Planner'? The job description requires me to know what is locally available to appeal to all members of the family, figure out when and how we're going to do it, share the plan and then defend the plan. Defending requires skills that should have landed me on the cheerleader squad at high school. I show so much pep I'm positively Tigger. So one of my plans was that we would drive the Apache Trail. It sounded cool in my research. So I mapped it and off we headed in our rented Ford Explorer. It was incredible.Awe inspiring. Beautiful. Harsh. I've run out adjectives. It was also incredibly scary. But not the first part. The first part (at Apache Junction) lures you in. Come along it says. You need to see what's around the corner. Here are some shots from the first part of Journey.

I'll show more photos of the journey inland.

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