Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beware- Proud Mother ahead..........

My son attends the Royal Military College here in Canada. He's completed his first year of studies (Engineering). This weekend there are numerous ceremonies to mark the completion of the first year at the campus in St. Jean (outside of Montreal). He gets to wear his Scarlet uniform. :D Of course we are not going to miss this so Ed, Amanda and I drove up to spend the weekend in Quebec. Here he is the night we arrived. He looks so adorable (I can say that, I'm his mother):

Last night was the ceremony. I found them outside (okay I went hunting for him). During the ceremony I sat on the aisle and was able to grab a few shots. I am pleased with that shot because I couldn't use flash and I had to shoot around the official photographer. A bump in the ISO and there's a bit of noise but it's nice

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