Friday, May 13, 2011

The Next Step (gulp)

A friend of mine sent me some information about a Photographic Art Gallery looking for submissions. At her urging I decided to send in some photos for consideration. They idea is that the photos illustrate the Poem 'One Art' by Elizabeth Bishop. More info (if you are interested) can be found here: I submitted 5 and I recieved notification that one was accepted. I was stunned. Really. This is the photo that was chosen:
I took it this winter when I was out walking the dogs. Part of the trail makes this tunnel and I spied this person in the distance. It's one of those shots that you see whole, in your head and you  know that you only have a millisecond to get it. I was lucky in that I was able to get it in the one click I had.
In my entry I had to submit my CV - all 4 lines of it once you got past my name and address :D. I figured that would give the judges a chuckle. I also had to submit an Artists Statement. This is what I wrote:
Artist Statement:
As a photographer I am always striving to capture not just an image but a story. A photograph shows a moment that can never be repeated but it is an echo of that moment only. Once the shutter is clicked that moment is lost. For me, when I read ‘One Art’ by Elizabeth Bishop speaks of how items are lost (objects, ideas, people) but each loss leaves an echo behind. A hole, if you will, that is the exact shape and size of the loss. The art of loss is not so much the acceptance of loss but the recognition of the echo it leaves in our lives, and in some cases, our souls. The echo can be fleeting- like a shadow in the distance or of longer duration like a boat slowly rotting on the shore. Life can viewed as a series of losses but we can take comfort in the echoes left behind until we too are lost.   
Once I got over the excitement, I was bummed that my others were rejected. Which is foolishness I know. It's a holdover from paying my way through University on scholarships- focusing on being perfect. And being pissed off that I missed 2 answers on a test. I am working on it. Honest.

Meantime, I will enjoy this new venture. Once I get over the panic of figuring out how I want to print and frame it.....


  1. Great photo. I like your artist's statement. I'm very taken with the concept of Wabi Sabi and it reminds me of that.
    Embrace your inner perfectionist (to a point)! It makes you a great dressage rider :)

  2. You know I'm reading a book on grieving, and your one paragraph about your photograph and the poem encapsulates everything that is in this 223-page book and is written more beautifully than the book. Love the photograph.

  3. thanks Carol- it's no accident I chose Dressage ;)

    Nuzzling Muzzles I am pleased that my paragraph touched you.

  4. Congratulations! It's a stunning photo, and your words are truly amazing.