Wednesday, August 17, 2011

why you should always carry a camera

even when heading to work and here's why. I was driving to work and in the local park was a hot air balloon! But my camera was home. I thought about going back to get it but that would be a bad example and that would be bad. So I put it out of my mind and went to work. A little bit into work and I realized I had forgot something I needed at home. I then had this discussion in my head:
'I need to go home and get _____'
'is it necessary? Can't you deal with it tomorrow?'
'No I really need to deal with it today. I should go home and get it'
'this is about the camera isn't it?'
'no but while I'm there.....'
'But I need to get ___ and that's why I'm going home. Not for the camera. That's what's called a 'bonus', not the main reason'.
'hmmm' (amazing how this voice sounds like my husband)

So I went and got the missing item.

oh and the camera. :)

it's probably a good  thing that they weren't giving rides......

oh and I was able to finish my project too.

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