Friday, May 18, 2012

Hiking Signal Hill

The person I was sharing a room with in St. Johns wanted to go to Signal hill and I wanted to go again and hike the opposite direction. It starts easy enough: at the Battery. which is where Marconi sent his famous signal.

however, it starts going along the cliff:

The views are fantastic:

but looking down can be a problem:

but looking straight ahead can show you some cool things as well. Like this crack that runs the whole cliff. You could feel air blowing out and hear the wind and surf inside

and then the path gets REALLY narrow. There's the chain on the right and a sheer drop to the left:

it ends at St. John's. At the deck of the house on the lower right. Yes. You actually walk across their deck and onto the street.

after that we walked to one of the many pubs for a hearty supper.  and a beer. :)

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