Monday, May 14, 2012

Studies of an Iceberg

I was in Newfoundland last week attending a professional conference. It was located in St. John's (the capital city) and of course I took my camera. I heard that there was an iceberg in the next harbour over. So I had a taxi take me to the top of Signal Hill and followed the trail to the iceberg. I saw lots to excite me (more photos later). But this is what I saw. the photos start from far away and get closer.

After I saw this I started to hike back towards St. John's except that the streets I was on and the streets on my map did not match. I saw two older gentlemen talking so I stopped to ask for directions. One of them said I was on the right road. The other said "I'm heading back that way I'll give you a lift". I can't imagine being offered this anywhere else and nor could I believe what I did next- I got in. :) The people in NFLD are as nice as you may have heard.

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